NuGetPackage does not appear in Orchestrator after successful Publish

I am using Orchestraor and Studio 2019.4 version on Windows 2012 R2 Server and windows 10 respectively.

License is grabbed from Orchestrator by configuring dev bot and is working fine. Now I am trying to publish a demo package which happens just fine from Studio. The issue is that I do not see this package when I am trying to create a new process in Orchestrator. I want to understand where does Orchestrator look for picking packages under processes tab.

I am using Custom path for deployment in Studio and the same is updated in deployment settings. Also while publishing I provide API key from orchestrator settings.

Hi @Deep_Gautam,
Please check if your package is showing in “Packages” tab in Orchestrator. If no then probably your configuration for publishing is wrong. Eventually you can check if manual package upload is working:

yea nothing under packages as well.
how to check config for publishing besides going to settings under Admin, because you have only the API key and Packages which is currently marked as Internal.

Yes, the manual upload is also not working with the below error.
"Cannot connect to the package feed, the deployment settings might be invalid (#1651)

The error for manual upload mean that your Orchestrator can’t connect to feeds to download necessary dependencies. This can be also a thing which makes you unable to upload package from studio.
Here you can find some information about settings and feed configuration:

If you have robot connected to Orchestrator you should be able to publish package without any special settings. Just like this:

Yes that’s the issue that when I try to publish the package to Orchestrator, It fails with an error

Error: System.ApplicationException: Publish of workflow project to Orchestrator failed. Cannot connect to packages feed, the Deployment Settings may be invalid. —> System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]: Cannot connect to packages feed, the Deployment Settings may be invalid.

But if I try to do a custom publish by specifying the shared folder that the NuGetPackage is supposed to go, it publishes without an error. However, on Orchestrator I do not see this package.

If orchestrator don’t have access to feed it will not allows you to publish project in any way. It needs to have all dependencies for package to accept it for publishing.

Right, so how to troubleshoot this situation.
what all configuration I can check and rectify.

the bot is connected and studio has acquired license from orchestrator so no issues there.
when I try to publish to Orchestrator why does it throw error?? Where is this communication broken

Sorry for asking this so late. Are you using your own Orchestrator instance? If yes I think our Technical Support will be better solution for you.

yes I am using my own orchestrator instance.