Monitor files when executing attended robot from Process Tray


I am having a process that is Published and I run it from Process Tray. In the process I have a txt file named Log in which the robot writes what is done on every step of the execution. I want to know, is there a way to access the file and see what is being written in it after the robot is done?

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Hi @ydimitrova, if its a txt file as you have mentioned then of course you can open the file when the robot is done and see what has been written

@avejr748, can you guide me how to open it, because just opening the txt as I would do if I executed the process using Studio, does not work for me, as there is nothing in the the txt file.
Is it possible that the file is being stored somewhere else?

Just to mention, the file is ok (it has data in it) when I execute the process using Studio.

@ydimitrova, can you provide more details? Screenshots perhaps. As far as I know UiPath logs are stored in here C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs
You can just go there and open the log files as a normal text file

@avejr748, yes, these are the log files of the UiPath, but my question is can I open a file that I created, that is part of the process.
The situation is:

  1. The robot writes in a txt file while executing.
  2. After the robot has finished, I want to open the file and see what the robot has written in that txt file.

I can do those steps easily if I run the process from Studio - I just open the containing folder and open the file, but can I do that (and how) if I do not run the process from Studio but from Tray?

@ydimitrova it’s the same process right? So even if you run it from the Tray, the file will be written in the same folder (as it has been coded to do that). Just do the same as you would when running from Studio

@avejr748, Yes, it is the same process. I am doing exactly what you said and nothing is being written to the file.

Also, I write in an excel too, and when I execute the process from Tray, I see the excel opening and closing which means something is being written there, but when I open the project folder I do not have excel. That is why I start to wonder is it possible those files to be stored somewhere else?
(If I execute the process from Studio, the robot writes to the files that are in the project folder, the same files that are empty when executing from Tray…)

@ydimitrova If you are writing the files using full path (e.g. C:\Uipath\Folder\MyFile.txt) then it is not possible to be somewhere else. Unless you have a partial path (e.g. Folder\MyFile.txt) then its possible to be stored in a runtime/working folder. To check this possibility you can search your computer for MyFile.txt after a freash run from Tray

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Thank you, I found where it saves the files.
To help others, for me it is:

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