Outlook timeout error Every time when try to read emails

When I open PROD server and outlook and close it. I try with increase timeout for read emaila ctivity. I don’t want to open an outlook each time when try to read it. Any other way to read emails without opening outlook and not get timeout error?

Which activity you are using to read emails:
Did you try with get exchange mail messages.

I did not try with exchange. I am using get outlook mail message.

@PALKUMARI_PATEL Use this one, Your problem will be solved

Video For Get Mail Message Activity

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You can use the Use desktop outlook app activity instead of using the get outlook mail message activity.
Inside the Use desktop outlook app activity use for each email activity to iterate through all mails in outlook. Find the below image for better understanding.

Note - The Outlook application has to be installed in the same machine.

If you are don’t want to use outlook application activities use the get IMAP mail messages activity to get the mails from outlook by giving the proper port and server name in the activity.

Hope it helps!!

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I used Exchange mail and it is much better than outlook but now I have to filter it to specific email . I just want to read specific email and mark as read. Can you suggest me filtering option ?

For Full review please check this link

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