My Get Outlook Mail Message Activity Not Working

Hi All,

My Get Outlook Mail activity is not working. Currently It is saying timeout reach. There is no error message. But previously it was working. I have also tested, that same activity is working for other server.

Can anyone help me to fix the issue. It is really under highest priority.\

Barun K Panda

Hi @Panda_Baruna_K

Degrade the mail activities package or use the stable version for now. Increase the timeout and see

Hi @Panda_Baruna_K ,

I think you should have lot of emails to retrieve I guess that’s why it is getting timed out. Try to use filters to retrieve specific emails instead of reading lot of emails or increasing the TimeoutMS property of activity. Like 150000 so that it will wait more time to read emails. Thanks


I have done it so, bot the issue is still there.

Baruna K Panda

Hello @Panda_Baruna_K

Go to manage package and update or downgrade the outlook package to the stable version.
Also, is it happening recently after any update?


Hi, yes,

could you please suggest the package version, I should go for?

It’s totally based on your package version. You can try to upgrade and downgrade and try the automation.



I have tried it also, by changing the package, it is not working,.


I have tried with multiple package versions, it is not working,



can you try it as below. Hope outlook is already configured in your machine and there are unread emails in your Inbox.


let me check.