Issue to read mails from outlook

I am facing issue to read mails from outlook.
Error details : The operation has timed out.

I am reading all read and unread mails from outlook. Also I have set TimeoutMS value 20000. Also my system antivirus is valid.

So I am looking for the solution of this issue


can you add the screen shot of get mail message and For Each Properties.

Srenivasan Kannan

Try This @gargi

It is the property of Get outlook mail message activity. As I am getting error on this step only.

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enable the third option in outlook

and also check whether any anti virus is blocking the application to get the mails like whether is it whitelisted or not and if so , disable the antivirus and try once

Cheers @gargi


already update this setting…but not working

Any other option is there to resolve this issue?

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did we try with GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY where we can configure the outlook

cheers @gargi

Hi @gargi

Can you please try the Following.

  1. Reduce the Number of Read count and try.
  2. Move the Mails you want to process to a new Folder in outlook and then try reading from there.

How I Usually code is:

  1. Move The Emails from Inbox to a New Folder(To_Be_Processed) based on the Outlook Rules.
  2. Read the Emails from(To_be_Processed) Folder and Continue the process.
  3. Once Process is completed , Move the emails to new folder (Processed).
  4. This Way , you always get a less number of emails to process to.


getting authentication error

401 error - this error occurs when the crendentials like username or password is not the exact one
kindly check that once
Cheers @gargi

yes…i understand…but i have provided the correct username and password only

Thanks for your suggestion. But this a group mailbox and BOT do not have write access on the mailbox for support team.

hmm…where those properties username and password - misplaced with values

no…i have carefully wrote the password first and then the user field in the below

hmm…i wonder why it didnt
kindly check once whether any antivirus or firewall is blocking this