Outlook Standard Signature

when I create emails in Outlook they do not have my standard signature. Any idea how to get it in?
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Since it doesn’t use the GUI to send, the signature is not automatically getting pulled from your Signature settings within Outlook. I think you will need to have it placed in your Body.

However, this might require that you place html if your signature requires images or formatting. I know this can easily be done in Studio, but I’m not sure about StudioX.

I think an html feature would need to be added in the future for this to work in StudioX, but I could be wrong.

If the signature is only text and no formatting, then you can just add it in your Body.



I found a workaround that might work for StudioX, until some of these things get updated.

What you can do is store an empty email with the Signature on it in an outlook folder by itself. Then, you can use it as part of your Body. The only issue is if your emails get purged after so many days as part of business policy.

Here is a snippet of this workaround which I used to test with.

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Great, thank you!

Second thought, it’s only pulling in the text from the signature, so any images and formatting is lost.

I’ll let you know if I come across another workaround.

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As a more advanced tip, if you create something in the Studio profile, rather than StudioX, you can check the “IsHTML”, then get the html of your signature (some learning might be needed on how to do that). Create a “Library”, not a workflow, and publish a Send Message snippet as a Library.

You can then in StudioX, install it under Manage Packages and drag it into your workflow as an activity with arguments. Arguments might be:


But, it’s not really intended for the Reboot Your Skills learning. And, if you do go that route, you almost should just use Studio anyway.


Thank you!