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I am currently doing an automation where I need to send an email with a certain signature, and as a quick process I copy the signature folder that Outlook generates for a specific signature on my Bot Data folder and all I do is read the HTML file and concatenate it to the other text in the “Send Outlook Mail” activity.
Everything works fine, but I noticed that only I can see the image that is part of the email signature and the person who receives the email cannot.

I also tried to enter the signature directly in Outlook and add the option to add it to each new email that is generated, but when I try to send an email from the Bot the no signature is added, only if I do it manually.

So I would like to know if there ir a solution to my problem or if there is an alternative in which I can attach the signature to the email generated by the Bot and the person who receives the email can see the image in it.

have a look here:


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make sure isHTML is checked and mention the full path of the file

And sometimes it could be a outlook version compatibility as well
Pls verify with the user at the other end by asking them to open the outlook mail through web browser

Cheers @JavXult

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