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Hi Team,

I have signature for new mail and replies/forward, but when bot sends a mail its not included.
Can anyone help me on it.

Thanks in advance


Hey don’t know what is going wrong at your end. it works fine for me. with both “isbodyHtml” checked and without check as well.


Hi @santhosh.sanu95,

If your signature contains images or something like that, I suggest you to get the HTML generated by your email and set it to a string variable and as @aksh1yadav mentioned just be sure to let the option IsBodyHTML checked with both email activities (Outlook or SMTP).

Kindly check an example here:


@acaciomelo HTML works fine but my default signature created in outlook is not added to the mail sent by the bot.


I am using studio version 2016.2.6379 and Outlook 2016


I have the same ask. Is there any solution yet?


Would also be interested in the answer to this, signature is not included for me when sending Outlook mail either :frowning:


@badita Is there any solution for it ?


could you add the signature as a string at the end of the body message?
of course if you’re using gmail it will be automatic embedded from the settings.


You should try to make the signature as a picture and then attach it to the bot message, I know it sounds dumb, but still can work), or you can contact these guys, they have really good team of supports



Please follow below tutorial,