Signature in outlook mail

Hi All,
I need to add a signature to my email content. signature designed with images. I kept these images on my local system, when i send the mail the signature images are missing in the mail. is there any solution to add custom signature to emails?

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have you tried this?

Facing the same issue, I have added the signature in my mail box but every time I use send outlook activity …signature is not getting attached to mail body.
Any views on this?

I’m facing the same issue. Version 18.4.4.

Hi @Mikkel_Nielsen

I resolved this issue using HTML.

Create the signature structure in HTML code and save it in a string variable.
Use this variable in body property.
Also keep the property IsBodyHTML of sendoutlookmailmessage activity checked.

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Hello Sayali8,
Yes, that is a workaround, which suits a developer. But imagine the headache you have to go through to include a logo in that signature, an image file.
UiPath wants to sell the idea that it’s product is drag drop configurable, so I still think an option to at least use the default e-mail signature is needed. How to implement that feature is their headache :slight_smile:
BR, Mikkel