Error in getting Outlook mail messages: "The specified folder does not exist"


I’ve been having problems connecting UiPath to Outlook to get messages. It’s been fully functioning for months, and now seemingly without no change, it stopped working.

The setup is that I got a personal email address at my current employer. It works well for me to connect to that email with no errors. However, I have two additional mails which is connected to my windows account, which UiPath cannot find. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @kkiw

Check whether inbox is inside any other folder?



Try this
“Your Account\Inbox”

You should search before asking. You’d have answers already.“The+specified+folder+does+not+exist”

Dear Henry,

Could you check and try out resolution mentioned in below link:

Unable to access Shared Mailbox through Outlook or O365 - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

Resolution: Group Mailbox account in the Get Mail Activity (including domain:

While Outlook has the Group Mailbox visible, in O365 that really isn’t what it is doing. It needs the Group Mailbox in the Account parameter.

Syntax for folder path within the mailbox is folder\subfolder

If the shared folder is directly under Inbox at Target - MailFolder specify “Inbox\SharedFolder”
If the shared folder is top level folder at the same level of inbox at Target - MailFolder specify “\SharedFolder”

Hi @kkiw

Can you check whether the Inbox is inside some other folder?

MailFolder = “[Gmail]/Inbox”

Thanks for the replies. I solved the issue by adjusting the “Account” setting to the name of the shared mail, instead of having the full email address.

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