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Hi all,

Iam sending outlook mails daily, and i want to send a follow up reminder for each of these mails if there is no reply

Any suggestions on this

Thanks in advance

Hi, yes we have done something similar.

We have a SQL database that logs all of the emails with datetime stamps of when we send an email out.

We then created a view in SQL, ontop of the “log” table. This view looks at all of the emails that have been sent out in the last 7 days. If the item exists in the view (which we read into UiPath as a datatable), we don’t send the reminder.

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@m0e91, you can also use the Orchestrator to monitor this, so when you sent an email you must setTransaction status to pending, everyday your performer for example would look at the transaction items with the status “Pending” and send reminders to those, if there’s a response then setTransaction status to Complete.

Or you just set up an excel tracking sheet, with a status column and if you are still waiting for the response set the status to pending and if the response has been received set the status to complete.

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Yeah this will also work really well!

If you want analytics or a Power BI report on it, maybe go the SQL route. Excel works too, however, it does require manual refresh and republish if your Excel spreadsheet isn’t in a shared repository (like One Drive).

If you’re using Orchestrator, you can put the Power BI report straight into the Orchestrator database!

Then again, the Orchestrator has analytics dashboards too, so there are many ways to skin the cat. It all depends on what works easiest for you.

Thanks you for your reply!

I would appreciate if you can show me a sample of the workflow in case you have, since iam still new to UIpath.

Moreover, I have a question regarding the reminder, in case I need to manually stop the mail reminder for a certain mail is it possible to do it

It would be yes, you’d need to add a flag on the database. That would be the easiest.

I’ll get a step to step guide together then post the link here.

Hi Jacqui,

I appreciate your time … thanks

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