Send reminder invitation on outlook

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Someone is sending the meeting invites using Outlook desktop. I need to make a process that will send update to the attendees who haven’t responded to the meeting invite mail in the last 2 days (Whenever I execute the script it must check for the last 2 days and send the update).

What could be the best possible way to achieve this task?

Any help will highly be appreciated.

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Muhammad Anas

Step 1: Install UiPath Packages
Open UiPath Studio.
Go to the “Manage Packages” tab.
Install the following packages if not installed:
Step 2: Get Outlook Messages
Drag and drop “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity.
Account: Your Outlook account.
MailFolder: “Inbox” or your meeting invite folder.
Filter: [ReceivedTime] >= ‘" + DateTime.Now.AddDays(-2).ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”) + "’ AND [Subject] = ‘Your Meeting Subject’"
Step 3: Iterate Through Messages
Drag a “For Each” activity after “Get Outlook Mail Messages.”
Set TypeArgument to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage.
Set Values to mailMessages (output from “Get Outlook Mail Messages”).
Step 4: Check Response Status
Inside the loop, add “Assign” activity.
Set To to responseStatus.
Set Value to mailMessage.Headers(“Disposition-Notification-To”).
Step 5: Send Update
Add “If” activity in the loop.
Set Condition to String.IsNullOrEmpty(responseStatus).
Inside “If,” add “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity.
To: mailMessage.Sender.Address
Subject: “Meeting Update”
Body: “This is an update for the meeting.”

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