Waiting for an email and reply back in case if email is not received in 7 days

Hi Guys,

I am trying to work on a scenario wherein I am checking my inbox for first 10 mails with a fixed subject/Sender, if it is received performing some process.
I have to track this email for 7 days until it comes, and on 7th day send a reminder email.
So is there any way to track this email apart from scheduling a script everyday and maintaining a flag in excel or something?
PLease let me know.


Apply below condition in Filter property of Get Outlook Mail Message.

After copy pasted below expression into Filter properties and delete single quotes and re type it again in the expression.

Try below expression:

“[ReceivedTime] > ‘”+ DateTime.Now.AddDays(-7).ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)+“’”

Please find the below image

Here just imagine I am searching for an email with subject “ABC”,i am running this workflow everyday.
My condition when I get the email I perform process return in Then block,
If I do not get the email today ,I come out of workflow/set a flag as no.
Now what I want to do is,if my else block is running for 7 days,it means I have not received an email then I have to send a reminder email.
So with the answer you gave,i am confused that if I have that mail in Inbox will the condition be valid?

Hi, i am try to work on the same case on the email reminder.I would like to sent max 3 reminder to receipient that have not reply to me and after 3 reminder the rpa will sent the list of wmail that have no reply for my further action.I will be working on multiple email.Can anyone guide me on this. Thank you.