Outlook automation use case

Hi all,

I need to keep track of the mail responses from the sender.

e.g. If 10 mails with attachments is sent to users, and 8 users have replied on mail back, then I need to send reminder to the other 2 users.
And keep track of which user has replied on mail.

Any suggestions would be of great help.



There are multiple approaches

One is to use queue items …

So after sending email add a wueue item with a postponed date say a week…so that after a week thw wueue item gets active…we can then check if the respective person has responded or not by using get mails with filter on email id… if response is present then no action else send a reminder and if we want to remind again the.
N we can add one more queue item on the else side for next run

If you dont want to use queue…then have a column in excel whaich says status and update status if item is found else move with next item