'Get outlook mail messages' activity does not get mail(s) on first run

Hi guys,

I am using ‘Get outlook mail messages’ activity to get emails with attachments
But usually this activity doesn’t get mails; like there is no new mail(s) in inbox (but there is).
In order to overcome this problem I put small delay (2 seconds) and run this ‘Get outlook mail messages’ activity again, and on second run it works fine.
I found this behavior very strange but not sure what is the cause. Maybe somebody had similar problem.
Any help would be appreciated (unfortunately, as a new user, I can’t upload my workflow).

Btw, I am using Microsoft Exchange (Outlook 2013 as client) and process is running on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

Is there a solution to this issue? I am encountering the same thing

Hi Kayla,

I’ve started to use Get Exchange Mail Message activity instead

yes facing same problem, seems have to wait for a fix.

I use extra long timeouts for getting messages in case of any network problems, e.g. for Get Outlook Mail Messages it’s 300000 ms.

To make sure the mails could be fetched, I use the ‘Get outlook mail messages’ twice with a ‘Delay’ activity in the middle, in case of the failure of the first run.

Hi. I saw a forum with same issues. the proposed solution was open outlook before getting the mail messages.

this was the post i’ve read