Get Outlook mail messages Activity


I am facing an issue is that sometimes I am getting unread mails from my outlook and sometimes not.
Can anyone tell me what should I do with the get outlook mail activity?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi @jignasha,
Did you tried with properties “mark as read” and “OnlyUnreadMessages” in Get Outlook Mail Message Activity.


But it is work proper sometimes and sometimes not.
and not giving any exception or error message.

even I have seen that if I have checked “OnlyUnreadMessages” and ran the process that time the activity read the latest mail and have not read the older one though older messages was also unread messages. and FYI I have not put any filtration on subject or anything. So not getting the issue because it is just an activity there are no logic implemented.


Please make sure that all emails are “Emails” , it does not get any meeting invites etc