Get mail messages on unattended Robot

So i have a process where I retrieve the mail message in a shared mailbox
I then loop the messages and save them as .MHT. These are then opened and a table scraped for onward processing.

The issue I have is
The process works when triggered on my machine just fine.
When it is on the VM I have the issue where the outlook instance (im assuming) hasn’t got its mailbox updated there for doesn’t see the new mail message in the shared mailbox.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

what happens if you access the VM and check Outlook? is the mailbox updated?

it only updates if I open outlook, thats the issue, I would of thought using something like the exchange get messages would have pulled an up-to-date list, but that test just failed as well.

Didn’t really want the process to open outlook and update the mailbox if I didn’t need to

Hey @rmorgan did you tried using IMAP activities.


Sreejith S S

The get outlook messages should retrieve the updated mailbox even in unattended mode.
I get the updated mailbox even if Outlook is closed. Can you share the code sample?
You can also try reading emails with Get POP3 activity.