Outlook mail distribution to sub-folders

Can anyone help me to resolve below outlook activity.
Move mails from main folder to sub-folders equally and the sub-folders are the with employee names.
The mail folder can contain reply mails(note reply mail will be sent to group mail id ad not to individual mail id). The reply mail should be moved to the sub-folder(employee name) who send the actual mail initially.

I am looking for your kind response…

Hi @Suresh_Kappa

Check this

and based on that use for each based on that you need to iterate and make contains on text to check the text

Ashwin S

Hi Ashwin for your reply.

Please find my requirement below.

  1. Read Outlook mails and distribute to sub folders equally.
  2. details should be stored in excel file like from address, datetime of mail and headers of mail.
  3. In mail box there are mails with reply, these mails should be moved to specific folder(person).