Distribute outlook mail messages from inbox to subfolders

Please find below requirement to build workflow.
1.Read all mails from inbox in outlook.
2.move mails from inbox to subfolder(there are 5 subfolders under inbox for example).
3.For each mail after moving to subfolder the excel file should get update with assigned count for the specific sub folder.
4.As mentioned above all mails from inbox should move to all subfolders equally(if inbox has 16 mails first subfolder should get 6 and remaining 4 folders should get 5 and for next assignment should start from second subfolder as first subfolder already have 1 extra)
4.condition is the subfolder with less count should get assigned first.
5.initially all subfolders are empty.

Please let me know if you need more information.

I am waiting for your kind response.

@Suresh_Kappa Can you explain below three conditions?

Hi Manjuts,

Thank You for your response.

Suppose if I have 3 subfolders under inbox and inbox has 16 mails then we have to move mails from inbox to subfolders one by one to each subfolder(1st mail will be moved to first sub folder and second mail will be moved to second sub folder and 3rd mail will be moved to 3rd subfolder and 4th mail have to move to 1st subfolder)
after moving each mail from inbox to subfolder excel file should get updated with subfolder name and assigned mail id(initially 1).
next time when we run the bot condition is subfolder with less count should get assigned(move mail from inbox to sub folder) first
for the first time in a day when we run the bot all subfolders will be without any mails(empty).

@Suresh_Kappa Please find attached workflow and excel file.

I have consider Folder names as 3 with names A,B and C.

outlookMail.xaml (27.4 KB)

outlook.xlsx (8.1 KB)

Let me know if you have any doubts.

For above workflow to work, you have to hardcode folder names in advance as i did and count of folder should be zero if the value is null, if count of folder is not null then don’t worry.

Hi Manjuts,

Thank You so much for the workflow. I will try this and confirm you as soon as possible.

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Hi Manjuts,

Sorry to say that the workflow you have provided is working for the first time.
second time it is not reading the mail count from subfolders and move the mail to subfolder with least count of mails.

@Suresh_Kappa from first time itself mail count will be taken from excel where counter is updated.