Outlook has to be opened?

Scenario: Get new unread mails from outlook & not able to send mails

Steps to reproduce: Close outlook and send few mails and try to retrieve it from Get outlook mail activity and send a mail.

Current Behavior: It doesn’t retrieve new mails, it gets the mails and sends mail only if outlook is opened

Expected Behavior: retrieve new mails and send mails even if its closed

Studio Version: 2016.2.6379

OS Version: Win 10 Ent

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Nope .
Outlook doesn’t need to be opened when you perform the outlook mail activities.(If its installed in local system)
Unless your not opening outlook from the web.

Hi Thanks for your reply.

Outlook is installed in my local and outlook activities retrieve only mails which are already received when outlook was open. Suppose i close outlook and send a mail to my inbox and try to retrieve it does not retrieve it.

If i send any mail, it stays in my outbox only when i open outlook next time it sends the mail.

Because there is slight time delay between sending mail and receiving back to you inbox in the meantime your next activity (Get outlook mail messages) would have executed hence your not able to fetch the mail you sent just now.
IF you keep some delay between send mail and get mail it will fetch the new unread mail which you just sent.


Actually i have 2 activities even though I have 10 min time gap send mail works fine but get mail does not work, Please try it yourself once.

Yep i have tried it works fine for me. 1min delay
Can you attach workflow.

Main.xaml (8.7 KB)

I send a mail from me colleague system and wait 10-15min and try to fetch it it doesn’t fetch

I don’t see any send mail activity how your sending mail. :upside_down_face:
All i can see is only get mail activity.

Oh ok i tried same with my colleague.
Its working pal. showing both unread mail.
One mail which is already there
second one my team mate sent.

The default folder for the get mail is “Inbox”.
Please make sure you didn’t set any rules for your team mate mail id or it might moved to some other folder.

For me both are not working, if outlook is closed. sent message will be in outbox. soon i open outlook it will send those mails.

Could you please update all the packages from package manager.

I have updated it already. when outlook is open no issues. if outlook is closed the this issue.

not sure man why your having this issue.:stuck_out_tongue:
outlook version ?
mine is 2010.

Outlook 2016


mine outlook 2013

Hello Guys,

Same problem on my side.
-When UiPath run “Send outlook email” with outlook closed, the email stucked in the outbox
-When i open outlook it send immediately the email.

Any suggest ?

Thank you

Hey @bossbass

Because using Interop outlook outlook session should be open and if it is close it will not be able to send mail. UiPath uses Interop outlook for outlook mail activities.

Either make a session in the background by using code or just keep open your outlook at the time of workflow execution.