Get Outlook Mail Messages Not working if outlook is closed in Prod Environment


I am using Get Outlook Mail Messages to get the mails from inbox. It is working fine when outlook is running in the background. However it fails to get mails from mailbox if outlook is not running in the background. I have also used Open Application to open the outlook application but it is not working. It is neither opening the outlook application nor extracting mails if outlook is not started manually.

Request immediate help on this!
Thanks in advance!

@Tamshi_Neyaz I would suggest you to use Exchange activities as there are some limitations with outlook activities.

Thanks @Sugumar8785 for your immediate response. Using Exchange activities would require me to get back to client and get the logon credential which is not possible for me at this point of time. Please let me know if there is work around using Get outlook mail messages.


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usually if the outlook is configured we will be able to extract the mails from that inbox
did we try with START PROCESS activity where pass the filepath of .exe file of outlook application to the FILENAME property so that it will open the application so that it will open that

Cheerss @Tamshi_Neyaz

Hi @Palaniyappan,

I did use Start Process activity for opening outlook. It is opening outlook but not refreshing the mails. Also, it is not extracting the mails either. While open application worked for me in Dev Environment , it did not work in the Prod Environment.


sometimes, when I use GetEmail(from outlook) a popup on outlook appears, requesting permission to work with uipath

depending on my need, I change this sometimes.
probably it might help.

It is working fine in prod environment the outlook mailbox is refreshed manually before running the bot for extracting mails from inbox.