Get Outlook Mail is not working in background_Solved

Hi all

I have created a workflow that retrieves an Anyconnect password from an incoming mail.

My Outlook account on the PC contains 3 different mail adresses. It works fine when running the robot with Outlook open, but when Outlook is closed, the Robot will skip the entire section where it is retrieving the e-mail. I get no error messages - it just skips the Get e-mail section.

In the ‘Input Account’ property i have stated the name of the specific e-mail account where the mail is landing. In the ‘MailFolder’ property I have entered “Inbox”.

How do I get passed this behavior? I would like the Robot to retrieve the specific mail, also with Outlook not open.

Karsten Bindesbøl

Hi @kbi

Welcome back after a long time :slight_smile:

The Outlook activity when in play, refreshes the instances in Outlook!!!

So even if it’s empty it will work well… Now for your case

Are you using gmail and if yes, you will need to open the outlook once before hand!!!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

HI @Shubham_Varshney

I use Microsoft Outlook all along. When Outlook is open, it works fine, but when Outlook is closed it just skips the ‘Get Outlook mail’ section completely.


Can you do a check status from the emails extracted in outlook!!!

To avoid this you can run the application if closed in the process, but I agree this must not happen


Hi @Shubham_Varshney

I am not sure what you mean with check status. If Anyconnect is not open, the robot must login with user and password from credential manager. When done, Anyconnect awaits a password that I receive by mail.
I retrive the mail with the Get Outlook Mail activity, extracts the password which is part of the subject field in the mail. I then do a split to retrive the password itself, and enter it in Anyconnect, login and done.

The issue is that nothing happens if Outlook is not running. No error message, it just ignores the whole Get email section, and closed the robot leaving Anyconnect open awaiting insertion of the password sent by mail


What I mean by status is: are you getting any emails while its doing get outlook!!!

If yes, there is some issue with the fetch property I’ll say!!!

Way around: Before read activity open the outlook thus it getting the latest email :slight_smile:

I will try with an open Outlook activity, and then I believe it will work.

You will hear from me :slight_smile:

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I now use the Open Application and it works - however, it is more timeconsuming and should not be nessecary :slight_smile:


I am also running into the same issue. Outlook has to be open for any Outlook activities to work properly. Is there a way for UiPath to interact with outlook (using the outlook activities) when outlook is CLOSED?

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