Send outlook mail not working in background

the activity send outlook mail not working in background, i have to open the outlook then the eamil is sent!
any help to know why?

Hi @rchabbeh

Send Outlook Message activity requires that Outlook application remains open. The activity doesn’t perform UI Interactions with the application (i.e. Clicks, type into), but use Outlook in the background to send the messages.

If you closes the Outlook or you never open it, all the messages keeps on your outbox until the application is opened.



I am running into the same issue. Outlook has to be open for any Outlook activities to work properly. In the UiPath documentation, it states the outlook does not have to be open ( Is there a way for UiPath to interact with outlook (using the outlook activities) when outlook is CLOSED?

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same issue here. did you guys find any solution?

This question has many possibilities, but the first step of troubleshooting is that the problem can occur if the Send immediately when the connected option is not enabled, as shown in the following figure from Outlook 2016.

This setting is tied to the following registry data, so this setting can also be configured by an administrator through a modification of the registry.

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office<x.0>\Outlook\Options\Mail or

Policy key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office<x.0>\Outlook\Options\Mail

If the above step is not working, then there may be a problem of:

Antivirus Program

Suspicious mail

Try to launch outlook in safe mode

Should increase server timeout duration

Create a new Outlook profile

PST file is corrupt: Try repairing PST file by Scanpst, if it’s still showing error then choose the advance option as [Stellar Repair for Outlook]
For more detailed steps go to the link: