Outlook has to be opened?

Hi @aksh1yadav

Agree but that activity has to work even if outlook is closed right ?

Yes and i was achieving it with custom code but with latest packages updates i am able to get the same thing :slight_smile: with office 2016.

Just for updates … saw this post after so long :slight_smile:


I am using outlook 2013 and UIpath 2017.1 version,I am not able to send mails when the outlook is closed.When I run the send outlook activity,it is storing in outbox.The mails are sent only when the Outlook is opened. Is there any workaround?

We’ve had the same on a similar setup (2016.2). It was worked around by using a generic synchronizing workflow (open → sync → close) for outlook.
Not pretty, but works (can’t share that workflow unfortunately).

EDIT: and another one with Outlook 2016 and Studio 2016.2… seems like a legit issue.
Mail package version 1.1.6382.14550

Actually I am new to UIPath,If possible can you share the generic synchronizing workflow (open → sync → close) for outlook.
Thank you in advance

You could consider using Send SMTP; you will just need your smtp server and port. Then you don’t need to rely on exchange or Outlook.

Can confirm. Email messages get stuck in Outbox with UiPath Studio 2016.2 and Outlook 2016.