Outlook Automation with StudioX - Build your own Digital Assistant

Microsoft Outlook is a great software to connect and stay organized using email, calendar, and contact functions. It is also prone to clutter or get spammed by that group email someone keeps replying to.

How would you use Outlook automation in your context?

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Is it possible to use the context from a word document inside a calendar invite?


Hi, Yes even I do have the same question, I tried using send invite, but was not possible to add the word in Description, is there any option?

Hi, doesn’t look like you can pick a word file to fill in the body of the calendar invite. What I have done is to use the Read Text action in word after you have replaced the fields in the document and save the text to a Saved Value. You can use that value as the body of your Calendar Invite. You won’t get the picture but I think that’s because you are not allowed pictures in a calendar invite.

Great exercise, not sure am I right that slight movement to the mouse at certain time during the execution of bot could potentially cause the bot to missed replacing the text in the word template?

@Radap, @viswanathrao, actually you have to download the latest pre-release outlook module. I am already using it for several processes.


I’m very fond of the exercise but I was wondering if someone could help me with an error I’m getting while Copying the file as I rename it. According to the solution, I’m supposed to use from: [currentRow] .docs
To: Emails<[CurrentRow.ByField("")]><[CurrentRow.ByField("")]><[CurrentRow.ByField("")]>.docx
When I try, it tells me that it can’t find “Monday” and stops the simulation.
Do you guys have any idea why that might be?

well done

@Leonardo_Rendon could you add screenshots? screenshots could help with assisting you solve your issues.

I am utterly hopeless with these bots. I give up.

Bot doing great work. really fantastic, only we need to understand and put efforts.

Hi, I had issues with “illegal characters in path” in the Copy File activity - no idea why? I checked the solution etc and can’t see what i’m doing any differently

I’m having this same issue. I double-checked my work against the solution and they match. Anybody have an idea how to correct this situation?