Outlook Automation with StudioX - Build your own Digital Assistant

This is because the document path [currentRow] .docs is in the folder where the Main.xaml file is. If your [currentRow].docx file is in another location, you have to add the path where it is located before and then “”. (for example: “D:\SEBASTIAN\Users\user\Documents[currentRow].docx”)
The same goes for the location of the “E-mails” folder
I hope you could explain it well

this was a good tutorial also , I like the outlook function. I don’t use Gmail at work at all. I was able to get the automation going with minimum tries :slight_smile: but looking forward to more examples

I was able to delete numerous emails from the same sender, download attachments and send out replies. I could use this automation for multiple scenario’s.

@Bianca.Dragu Right now, I’d probably want to use it to rename selected email attachments and save them to SharePoint. The renaming would include appending the email’s sent date (as text) to the name of the attachment. This way the attachment files could be referenced by date if needed instead of the integer currently assigned by the ienumerable…email date is much more useful.

I enjoy email automation more than some of the other bot functionality. I also think it’s less complex than other bots. Very cool module.