Good morning, I have the following query!

  1. What would be the best way to automate this meeting summary?

Basically what I have to do is:
That the people who compose the summary upload their annotations to an Excel or Word, and the robot already directly takes the information from it and prepares it with the following Template (Image Attachment), and thus finally sends it by mail daily through Outlook.

How could I do this in Studio with Uipath ???

Buenos dias, tengo la siguiente consulta!

  1. Cual seria la mejor manera de automatizar este resumen de Reunión??

Básicamente lo que tengo que realizar es:
Que las personas que arman el resumen suban sus anotaciones a un Excel o Word, y el robot ya directamente saque la información del mismo y lo elabore con el siguiente Template (Adjunto Imagen), y así finalmente lo envía por mail diariamente mediante Outlook.

Como podria llevar a cabo esto en Studio con Uipath???

Hi @Atejera

Standardization of a process is very important for any automation. When the input to the Bot are Word and Excel, it makes exception handling a challenge. Best ways could be

  • Use only one input format (either Excel or Word, I prefer Excel), create a template and share it with members responsible for composing the summary. Completed template can be mailed to the bot.
  • Create a text file with HTML tagging/formatting and use place-holders to insert the summary, use this as template for mail body when sending daily mail

this is a quick idea at high level, this can be further optimized

hope this is useful

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Hi @Atejera
I had some doubts around your process

  1. Do the annotation would be in word and excel or it would be in random manner?
  2. How would be the annotation looks in excel or word, can i have a screenshot please?

I attach you capture!

The idea is that each member completes the following excel daily, with the important points of the meeting, participants, next steps, etc.

And the robot takes this data and builds the template and then sends it by Outlook to each of the team members (daily).

Thank you very much for the quick answer!

the subject of the text file with HTML format, I never really did, could you attach a screenshot of how it would be for my case? It would help me a lot!

In the comment below attach the photo of what my Excel template would look like!

And on the other hand, how would it be the case of sending the template email to the bot? If you could explain that to me too, it would be helpful!

Hi @Atejera

I’ve attached a workflow that demonstrates

  • usage of text file template for mail body
  • how summary template can be sent to the bot

Please note,

  • I didn’t use the template screenshots in this post but used a more simple format to put idea across.
  • mail actives and save attachments activity need further configuration as per your outlook (50.5 KB)

Hope you can build further on this idea


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Thanks a lot! It serves me a lot! You’re a genius!

I have a couple of questions to ask you, to finish understanding and to finish the automation!

  1. HTML theme of the notepad, to do that I need to know HTML language or is there a page where you looked for the source and it gives you the code directly?

I have a basic knowledge of HTML, so I had some doubts. I attach the image so you can see it at the moment. If I want all the mail to have the Century Gothic format with a size of 11, I must add this line


after each text, so that it has that format, no ?

  1. The meanings of the HTML code:


image ??

I know that the ul> li> {1} is for the bullet to be added. My question in this case is how it recognizes {1} as point1.

  1. As far as HTML is concerned I use it for mail body formatting. Knowing basic formatting tag like below is helpful
  • text formating - font, color, size
  • line break
  • paragraph
  • heading
  • Lists - ordered, Unordered, Description Lists
  • basic table formatting

there are online sites that take a word/notepad paragraphs as input and give out html tagged output but I find them having lot of unnecessary tags and so I don’t prefer.

you need to add font size t that tag, yes you can add this line at the start of the template.

this indicates line brake, if there are two like this two line breaks are added.

<br> is tag for bold font, <p> is tag for paragraph formatting

if you see in the UiPath code values of participants, important steps etc i’m splitting at ‘,’ and joining them with li tag so that how bullet points are taken care

hope this answers you question, mark the post as that has solution as solved so this can be useful to others looking for similar thing

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Great, my last question is: how do I get the robot to use what was sent by mail and use it to put together the summary.

I saw that you put a get outlook mail messages activity. But then throughout the automation you never use it. How would this be done?

I already mentioned earlier that mail activities need further configuration, reason is I gave more importance to html-mail-body part as you mentioned

and mail activities are not complex to use

regarding this

you need to find a logic to identify mails with summary excel, save the attachment in a folder and put together for the final mail
to identify you can choose a standardized subject to start with … think about it, its not fun to automate if I give all the logic

happy automation

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