Milestone 1 - Automating Emails

Email clients are great software to connect and stay organized regarding your email, calendar, and contacts. These are also prone to clutter or to get spammed by that group email someone keeps replying to.

How would you use email automation in your context?

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Can someone please help me i am havin issues when doing the robot path at the end with the Copy File part of the path. Thank you

Hi, have you tried to convert excel data to table? Select range and go to Insert > table. Then you’ll be able to choose name and last name for each row from table.


There was a similar task done during working with word templates last week


Hi I am still having issues with this as it is not working can youplease help me

hello I am getting also an an error while running the robot… Could not find a part of the path “Desktop\Digital Assistant\Adria_Williams_Monday.docx”. Does anyone have any idea what is the right action for this?

Hi All. I created my robot similar to the solution (both Outlook as well as Gmail) but the final draft mail is having the path to the docx files as the Body and not the actual content inside the docx files.


Did you select the radio button for “Word Document”?


the real path to the desktop is something like this: C:\Users\myUser\Desktop
But I noticed that if you put <[Desktop]> UI path resolves to the actual path.
<[Desktop]>\Digital Assistant\Adria_Williams_Monday.docx
Or you can click on the folder icon and go to the Desktop using explorer and select the file and then you just edit the part of the file name.

Hi Marco. Thanks for the help. It looks like selecting “Word Document” did the trick with Outlook but with Gmail, it seems it is unsupported.

You are right! I tried it and got the “unsupported” error.
Maybe at this point you either insert the file as attachment or copy the content in plain text like:


Hi This is for Building an end to end robot, Can you please help me with publishing a robot as i can t get it to work and am having great difficulty with it, Is it possible that i can have a zoom call with you to help me do this please i would really like some help with this.

Hi Marcos. This works with Gmail! The only thing missing is the image but that is understandable :slightly_smiling_face:


How would you use email automation in your context?
I agree that mail clients facilitate activities, I would take advantage of the benefits of actions that are grouped for mail use, I would apply rules in relation to the subject and I would seek to group them by subjects.

Its not working and i keep getting below error

Good day:

I keep getting error below:

it creates files for each row but it leaves blank word documents.


Use of word document as body of email does not work with Outlook 365?