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I am making an Automation in StudioX where I want to open the Outlook web and send mail, I have to check the 2-day email sent time but the condition is that the mail should contain the invitation to identify that we have a calendar icon with the subject in the sent mail. In the attached screenshot I have highlighted the calendar icon that needs to be identified and dates that I need to extract in the red highlighted box.

I want to know how I can make it dynamic and identify the calendar icon. Secondly, how can I get the date as it is dynamic so which activity will be best for it?

Any help will highly be appreciated.

Thank you.


is this a meeting invite?

Did you try with outlook 365 activities? and read the mails?

UI is not a good option for outlook


Yes, @Anil_G, It is a meeting invite I want to check all those people to whom I sent the meeting invite and they haven’t responded to me for more than 48 hours so I want to send them a reminder email invitation.

But I am using the web outlook here. I can go with the Outlook built-in activities if such activities exist.


you can design the process like this

first send meeting invite is there so you can send it to any number of users and save the user email ids

then we can use get mail activitied to get the mails and check if they have responded or not…and if not responded then send reminders

but here we will miss those people who would accept the invite but might not respond

if you want them also…then we cannot do usign built in activities

and going with ui also I am not sure how you are planning to check that


I think the calendar entry will be shown as a .ics attachment on the email. Try getting attachments for the email, looping through them and checking for one that ends in .ics

@postwick, unfortunately if you see the screenshot we don’t have an .ics attachment.

They aren’t always visible in Outlook. For example, embedded images are seen as attachments within the email object even though Outlook doesn’t show you that it’s an attachment. I suggest trying to look for the .ics attachment anyway.

Also, you could get one of the emails into a variable, use a breakpoint to pause the automation in Debug, and look at the variable’s properties to see if any of the properties indicate that it’s a calendar invite.

I would also look at the body of the email (in the object after getting the email) to see if there’s any verbiage that indicates it’s a calendar invite.

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