Outlook Argument error Community version 2021

Hello All,
Can anyone pls help me
I have read all forum message on this topic “The specified folder does not exist” nothing worked for me
when I do debug I have found that Argument showing some red underline is this the issue or any thing modification need to do

I am getting error as “The specified folder does not exist”

HI @tkiran

Try like this
your emailaddress\Inbox in the Main Folder property panel


Hi @tkiran ,

We are not sure what are the methods you tried to resolve the issue. Please share us what you have tried so that we will help you in different way.

Your out argument not showing any email details it was empty.

Please use the outlook account card (Use desktop outlook App) and select your email account. inside use this Get outlook mail messages activity. Some times it will resolve the issue by connecting with correct email account. Please refer the below screenshot for reference. thanks.

Hi Sudharsan,
Thank you for your reply
I have tried this also not work out

Hi Kirankumar,

Thank you for your reply,

When i am using Desktop outlook App i am getting below error,

Can you pls help me how to do it…

Hi @tkiran ,

Could you pls confirm do you have outlook application in your machine.

Please select your account in account drop down and give it a try. Thanks.

Hi Kirankumar,
i have outlook application in my machine

i am not getting list in drop down,… only i am getting Default email account

What is the outlook version you are using. it is bit old thread but could you look into it for some help to resolve the issue. thanks.

And also could you open your outlook and try that dropdown.

Hi Kirankumar,

It get resolved after re-configuration outlook… Now it is working fine Thank you

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Your welcome @tkiran

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