Studio : Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist. Please Help

I am currently learning RPA foundation course from UiPath and I have followed the course step by step and I keep getting this error- Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist. U have set the account on default as the video instructed, MailFolder as default as well which is “Inbox” and all other filters and options exactly the same to the video. and the error still keep happening. (the video wants me to run it in debug mode". Please help

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Can you show what you have in the properties…

If you have given an account please remove it and check


When in your applied locals the Inbox folder has a different localized name, then this one is to use.

here is a screen shot of the workflow

Not sure what that mean. Can you be a bit more specific here is a screen shot, I am trying to Retrieve emails “Inbox” from the email I am currently using in studio.


In your outlook application do you have a folder inbox? Or is it with different name?

The name should match with the name in your outlook


Let’s assume an Outlook, localized to German Language. Instead of “Inbox” we would use the German Localized name: “Posteingang” instead.

Similarly we do ask you if there is a localized name in use and if was it done with this name.

it looks fine

it looks normal to me


Is that outlook desktop app? Or office 365 online?

PS: this activity is for desktop app


that must be it. Thanks for the info

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The error message ‘The specified folder does not exist’ can also be misleading.
The folder might be a correct match, but sometimes you need to specify the account as well. Either by the email address or the account name.

An error in that field also results in the folder error.