Having trouble with the Get Outlook Mail Messages: The specified folder does not exist

Just trying to do the first project in the associate course, I can’t seem to get it to see any of my outlook folders. I have looked at the other forum posts about this issue.


In your outlook application Inbox folder exists? The main folder name changes accordingly outlook language.

You don’t have to specify the MailFolder if you just want what’s in the Inbox main folder. Also, if the email account is the default account you don’t have to specify that either.

Yes inbox is a folder and outlook is English.

Hi @william.mitchell, please keep the property ‘Account’ empty and try.

I have tried that.

Having the same issue. Has anyone found an answer? I’ve also seen where someone said to run Outlook as Administrator and that worked for them. but it didn’t work for me. when i tried that, i got the following popup error:
Error screenshot

Hi @Joshua_Kerr Looks like it is an issue with the outlook. Below link has some fixes please try out those