Orchestrator unable to click the unattended robot


I have one packages that uploaded to the ochestrator and it is unable to click on the unattended robot as no robot is showed there.

And while using start process, it can choose the unattended robot.
Although the process faulted because there is an issue with the dependency and caused it unable to install the packages.

And wanted to ask whether the “unable to install package” is the causes that make it unable to choose the unattended robot in the trigger function there?

Or it is my workflow problems??

ps: the robot is connected to the machine as others process does not have this issue.

I tested on my personal uipath cloud. I uploaded it and add at the processes there. The column “execution type” shows Unattended.

The column “execution type” means that the workflow can run in unattended??

Hi @g_ii

In the environment this process ia uploaded there are no unattended bots available. Please allocate a license to make it visible here. In robots you can change the licenses


But I did have the license as when I run through the orchestrator ( without login to the server) the process is able to be run, and I also able to select the unattended robot.

It just that at the trigger there, the unattended robot didn’t shows up.

And is it because the packages is not yet install in the machine that it works?

Hi @g_ii

No that might not be the issue… the process you created might be in a environment where no attended bot is assign… please see the environment of the process and cross verify if you have a unattended bot there

Can you show your bots and peocesses page


There are process that run using the same machine and robot, which does not faced this problems…

The image below is the unattended robot that are available

The image is the process that successfully added in the processes

Hi @g_ii

Did you give environment to process?

If yes go to environment tab and click manage to verify if the unattended bot is selected in it



And currently I did have some other process that run daily that uses the same machine and the same unattended robot which I wanted to use.

And that’s why I suspect that maybe it’s because the package is missing in nuget folder, and causes the unattended robot not showing up at the trigger function there.

Hi @g_ii

ideally if package is missing then you wont be able to select the process as well.because without nugpkg process cannot be created

see if you have permissions for trigger as well


Is there have any possibility that the setting of the workflow will make the unattended robot not showing up at the trigger there??

And if yes, what are the setting that block it?

Duplicate Topic : Process can run but cannot trigger

will delete the duplicate post now…

Hi @g_ii

One thing you can see i the project settings check if you have checked attended robot

Else I am sure the problem is with your environment


The license update will cause this??

Cause the last trigger that created is create before the license update.

Hi @g_ii

do you have unattended licenses please check that as well. But ideally if you are able to create a robot then you have license to it


I did have the license.

Hi @g_ii

Do you have a folder under global as well?

Can you check and add the robot to the specific folder you have process in


When I didn’t login to the remote desktop, and run the process through the orchestrator using the unattended robot.
Is that considered unattended run?

Hi @g_ii

yes it is considered unattended. And are you able to do run now but nor trigger?

Is that the case?


Then that’s mean my workflow didn’t have any problems as it can run through the orchestrator by using the unattended robot when the server is closed.

And it’s also means the robot is connected to server

but the trigger there didn’t shows up…
It can click the process but cannot select the robot as no available robot shows there.

cannot thinks of it anymore :face_with_spiral_eyes: