Cannot specify the robot in Trigger


I have double confirm the followings are correct…

  1. My Machine is connected to Orchestrator
  2. Created the robot and binded to the correct enverioment
  3. created the process in the correct enverioment
  4. I can run the process in my local PC UiPath Assistant
  5. After 4) I can see the job status in Orchestrator

But when I come to trigger, or press the run button of the process (in Orchestrator). I still cannot see my robot… Anything relate to the License? I am testing with Community Edition and only have 1 unattented license to my Machine. Thank you very much.

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@kennethmhp Are you sure you are not using the Studio License? Is the Robot Type Unattended?

My Orchestrator page clear show I am using Community Plan.
I assigned 1 (the only 1) unattanded license to the only Machine connected.

@kennethmhp Can you provide Screenshots of the Robots Panel and also the Jobs Panel. If not me, Maybe this post will be Identified by UiPath Officials and they could sole it much faster :sweat_smile:

hi @kennethmhp
Check your Environment and Connected robot Details again
this must be differ

Check the Robot Tray(machine key) is the same machine & robot is available on your relevent process Environment

I put all the screen caps together.

I solved! The robot type should be unattended. Now I can select the robot.
Thanks for all yours hint!

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