Robot list empty while triggering a bot

Hello All,

I have done setup for unattended bot on my personal orchestrator to trigger bot from orchestrator on Ad-Hoc basis.

Query1: While trying to start job there are no bots available in list.

Please guide if I have missed any step in between.
Attaching images for robot, machine

Please help here.

Query2: Please explain what does Requires user Interaction, tool tip actually means if we hover on package version. ( Attaching an image for this)

@Palaniyappan @loginerror @ovi @Pablito

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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hi @Shubham_Tiwari
Your process Environment should be added with your relevant robot
Add the relevant robot into Environment assigned environment

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Thanks for ur reply.

I have added the relevant bot to the created environment already.
Please refer attached image.

It is also associated with the created process.

Let me know if I am still missing a place where environment is required to be updated

If it’s a classic folder in Orchestrator, then you will want to set your license for the Robot as Unattended rather than Studio Pro.

I believe Studio licenses no longer allow running processed from Orchestrator, which would explain why it does not show on the list.

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Yes, done that @loginerror.

Thanks its working now. :slight_smile:


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