Can't find robot when running a UiPath trigger on a process


I am having a problem where I can’t click on a specific robot when trying to run a trigger on a process.

  • I have double checked that the process (titled: "Nadex Trading - Optimized ALL CONTRACTS - Buy & Sell) I’m trying to run a trigger on is in the specific environment titled “Nadex Trading” (see image below)

  • I have also double checked that the robot I’m trying to use is already in the right environment. The robot is named “RealRobot OG” in the environment “Nadex Trading” (see image below)

  • Now, even though all of this is set, I still am not allowed to click on any robot when trying to run a trigger. In fact, not a single one appears… (see image below)

  • And yes, everything is under the same folder, as I only have 1 folder currently named “Default”

  • Now, Because of this… it keeps resulting in the following error:

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong… can anybody help?

All your robots are “studio” please change them to “Unattended”.

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@Eduardo_Furetti_Operacoes it worked thanks!

However, although I was able to now pick the right robot, when the schedule hits the time that the process is supposed to start, I keep getting this problem where the current state says it’s “pending”, and never runs the process:

Any idea why this is happening?

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