Orchestrator tenent issue


I have installed orchestrator. When browsing the orchestrator from my local iis, getting a login screen, I didn’t created any login credential when installing the orchestrator. also I didn’t created any Tenat id/name. How can I get the tenant id.

Also in UI path I am getting an “extension not installed for chrome” message when I am trying for data scrapping. Do I need to re-install the uipath studio to install the chrome extension?

Can anybody help? The ‘Become a Tenant’ option is not showing in the login screen. @abhishek_Shetty Can you help me ?

can you try logging with below credentials.

tenant: leave it blank
username: admin
password: 890iop

Hi @abhishek_Shetty… Its worked thanks a lot…

Unable to add the robots in orchestrator. That add button is disabled. Also when trying to run the uipath studio, getting a message like A robot with name was not there is the orchestrator. Do you have any idea ?

If it is trial version you will not be able to add robot as you don’t have valid license to add. To confirm that go to license tab in orchestrator and check what it is displaying.
You can use community orchestrator platform.uipath.com where you can connect 2 development robots for testing.

@abhishek_Shetty… Yes its trial version.
While using the https://platform.uipath.com I can add robot and machine. But I couldn’t connect from my machine to the site. When trying to connect using the url and machine key, an error "Task was cancelled was getting’

In Trial version robot cannot be added it is just for testing. can you follow below process to adding robot and share error screenshot for further investigation.

Thanks abhishek… Do you have any idea about task cancelled message when trying to connect from robot service to this path.

@abhishek_Shetty I accidentally removed the encryptionkey value from the webconfig for the orchestrator. Could you please comment it if it is same for all

it should be unique value.

Haven’t seen such errors but if you can share error screenshot would be able to help.

then I need to re-install?

@abhishek_Shetty In the webconfig file there was an EncryptionKey config. Accidentally I removed its value. Now the orchestrator site is not loading. Unable to share the screen shot. Getting an error while uploading the file.

If you don’t have backup copy of web.config please go ahead and reinstall just orchestrator