Unable to connect robot to Orchestrator- Unlincensed (user account already exist)


I am unable to connect the robot to the orchestrator.
Please help!


Can you share the screenshots of the orchestrator?



Please follow the below steps to connect Robot to orchestrator.

Step1: You needs to sign in to the Uipath Assistant first

for this just simply press Windows button in your keyboard and type Uipath Assistant.
Then click on the Assistant you can see the option called sign in don’t go for that just simply click on here

Click on the preference option->Orchestrator Settings->Sign in

This will navigate to a browser and provide the credentials which you’ve already created the Orchestrator sign in with the same accout.

This will directly logged you in to the Assistant and studio.

now open chrome and login to your orchestrator with the same credentials.

I hope the above mentioned information is enough to connect the studio to orchestrator.

if need any assistant get back to me.



what are you using, UiPath community version or enterprise version on your machine?