Connecting Studio, Orchestrator and Robot


I’m working on Level 2 (Orchestrator) and trying to setup a robot in Orchestrator. When I’m in Orchestrator it does not allow me to “add” a robot which will give me the machine key to populate in Robot Settings.

Additionally, when I go into Studio to publish, it doesn’t even give me the option to post to Orchestrator. It states post to robot defaults or custom. How can I get that to say Orchestrator.

Can anyone provide insight to help resolve these issues?

You have to enable Robot to add robots in the orchestrator.

Confusing right?


You will get the UiPath Robot executable file where the Studio exe file is available.

  1. Click on the Studio in start menu and open file location. You will get the shortcut icon,
  2. Again right click and open file location.

Double click on it and you will get the Robot. Connect Studio with orchestrator providing all the required inputs

Hi @typlys - are you using the community orchestrator or your own installation? Because the behaviour you are describing is shown when using an Orchestrator which is not licensed.

In order to publish to the orchestrator you need to connect you robot to the Orchestrator as described below.


When I run the website from IIS Manager it takes me to the UiPath below:

This one does not allow me to create a robot, I do have a community version which I can create a robot, but when I attempt to input those credentials with the Tenant name I get a error that the tennant name does not exist even though I have logged into it via UiPath. But this is not configured in the IIS Manager.

Any thoughts?