Orchestrator running the wrong package version

Orchestrator is running the wrong package version for a process. Has anyone had this problem before, know why it happens, and how to solve it?

Before anyone asks…Yes, I have ensured I have updated the package to the correct and latest version. But Orchestrator keeps running older versions even though the older version shows as INACTIVE.

have you done rollbacking a process ?
ie, Process → Edit → Package Version → Option - ROLLBACK

Rollbacking the package version of the current process will result in updating the process to its last used process version. By doing this, all existing edits to this process will be lost.

Well never happened to me.
Possibilities of having this is zero until unless someone manually change the package in package folder.
Did you check the logs, does it says you are running older version.

Well, I know it is running an older version because it is NOT printing specific messages I placed in my latest package yet continues printing messages that were removed in the latest version

1.Cross verify version on Orhcestrator

  1. Go to C:\Users\Environment.UserName\.nuget\packages

  2. Look for your process name and Look for Version

  3. Open

C:\Users\lakshay.verma\.nuget\packages\ProcessName\1.0.3\lib\net45\Main.XAml and see, if it is same as you are looking for.

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