Runs the previous version to the most current public one

I have a problem with the orchestrator

I have an unattended process, the problem is that if I update it and publish the new package at the moment of executing it, the previous version of the process is executed, I have to close, open and execute the same process several times so that it executes the most updated version.

The first time it happened, the previous version was executed to the most current one, this was solved by closing the process and opening it again and executing it again, but the second time I updated the package, the previous version of the previous one was executed and so on.

the version studio is 2023

Hi @alexis.mendoza
You can check which package version is currently active and, based on your requirements, change other package versions to be active.

Kaviyarasu N

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Refer the screenshot in below


where do i find that section?

Tenant → package–> Choose your package → Click three dots and choose view version

Currently, the latest version is active, but why isn’t that updated automatically?

I found that closing the studio and reopening and running the process causes it to update

Is there any way to correct this?

Look inside the process to see which version is set up.

The latest version needs to be setup in the orchestrator manually.
After publishing the package , you need to go to orchestrator and in the process, set the process to use the latest version.
You dont need to run it from studio to be able to use the latest version in unattended process.

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