Orchestrator using older version of package that should not even exist


I uploaded a package to the orchestrator, ended up deleting it on the orchestrator and publish a new version with some editing in the code, everythings seemed fine, I edited some more code and published back, went to update the version on the orchestrator to use the latest and when I run the job, its used the first version that I had deleted… any1 understand how and why it would do it?

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We can delete a package in the orchestrator only when it is not tied to a process like only if it’s inactive

Please make sure that you delete the old file only after uploading a new package version and making that as Active or Current one
So that the old one will become inactive and only then it can be deleted

Or else it will be in active state and that why this happened as it didn’t get deleted being active

Hope this would help you
Cheers @MaxyArthes

I made sure in the control pannel of the orchestrator that the old file were deleted, so that should be good, no? Still happening tho.

Fine before deleting
publish the new one and upload that package to the orchestrator
–make that as active and once after that remove the previous version and try once
Cheers @MaxyArthes