Community Edition - Publishing an updated package to Orchestrator

Hi all,
I am using community edition for development and testing. After I published a package to Orchestrator, I made some updates on my source file.
However, after I re-published using the updated source files, and triggered the process in Orchestrator, it seems that the Orchestrator is using the older version to run the process. Even if I deleted the process and packages in Orchestrator and re-publish again, it is still using the older version to process.
Is this happening only because I am using Community Edition? Or is there any way that i can make sure the updated process is being used?

Thank you.

Hi @elvis.lam

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In the orchestrator as you may have seen, you have two sections. The packages page and the processes page.

Whenever you publish a package, it goes under packages page. You create processes based on the packages available in the packages page.

So once you create a process, it will not automatically update itself. Each package is published with a new version number. The packages page will of course have the latest version shown. But in processes page, you have to edit the process and manually change it to the latest version as a part of the deployment.

So get to the process page, select the process you need and go to edit or manage process. There you’ll see the currently used version as well as the other versions that you have in hand. Select the latest one as the current and save it. The next run you do will use the latest version :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando
Thanks for your explanation. However, the issue is still there after i choose the latest version in package page.
And the problem is still there even I delete the processes and packages in Orchestrator.


Try changing the name and adding as a new package with a different name. Then create a new process using the new name and see whether it works


Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando
It works after changing the package name. But is there any other ways to do it, since it is quite inconvenient to change the package name every time when I re-publish the updated version of source files.

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I came across the same scenario once… I’m not sure why that’s happening… I think it’s a bug with the orchestrator. This was the workaround I took to get it resolved.

It’s not feasible to change the names, I agree… For the time being, that’s the only option that worked. However, it doesn’t happen all the time as well. I did a lot of deployments quite recently and they went without any problem…

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