How can I rollback a package version?

I have a version 1.61 that works, my version 1.62 does not work.

I would like to roll it back to 1.61 and set 1.61 as the Active package.

Hi @steveui

While creating the process please specify the previous version of the package!

It will work. You need to re create the process.


Hi @steveui,

You are in Packages tab. Instead go to Processes → Click View Process icon → select the version and Click use .


@steveui Follow the below steps

  • Search for the process name in processes tab in Orchestartor
  • Click on the three dots at the end and select edit option


  • Click on the drop down of package version and select the required package

  • Finally click update

I was looking in the Tenent section, not the Custom folder! I found it. Thank you for posting images and thank you for the reply.

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