Orchestrator running jobs - it takes about 15 min to install packages before the robot starts

Hi everyone,

recently i encounter the following problem quite often while updating processes on Orchestrator

Every time after updating the process, whenever i want to start the process, it always shows “installing package…”. Then it takes roughly about 15 min to install the package which was not the case before.

Orch installing package

I’m using Studio version 2019.10.4 and the Orchstrator version is 2019.10.18

Anyone has any idea what is the problem causing this?



Do you have big templates/files that you packaged during publishing? That might take some time to install the package while running it unattended. But, in my experience it should only take some time when running for the first time after a version update not every single time.

not really. the problem didn’t exist before.

now even without a version update, it starts with “installing the packages…” and it takes quite some time…

Were you able to find a solution for this topic as we are facing the same problem…

Any help ist appreciated.