Orchestrator “Unable to install the package”

Well… it doesn’t seem to solve my issue. Mine is set originally as ‘disabled’, yet the process keeps running (while actually installing package) and doing nothing. Then it times out and fails… Could you please offer other suggestions? Thanks


Did this method helped you resolve this

Cheers @tvxqkjj1013

Hi, Thanks for pointing me to this Q&A conversation. However, my issue is a bit different. I have my packages downloaded in folder .nuget. My issue is my process can’t download/install the process package and keeps showing the ‘installing package’ on the Ochestrator/Job/Details and then failed after 20 min time out. I am not sure where I can set the time out to longer period?..
I have basically 2 processes and their differences are just 2 dependencies, one can be run through orchestrator and the other (with 2 more dependencies) always timed out… Thanks

Your published package and any dependencies (including dependencies of dependencies) need to be accessible whether that is Permission Related, or Network related, in addition to that there needs to be storage space on the Robot’s host machine for the downloaded packages.

Packages are generally sourced

  • Locally
  • Orchestrator
  • MyGet

You will also want to consider any policies that might be enforced such as Package Signing, while the Official UiPath packages are signed any dependencies of those packages may not be and/or not signed by a trusted signer.

Have a read over the following document to additional details.

As to troubleshoot step in addition to reviewing the above, take a look at your Windows Event Logs (Event Viewer > Widnows Logs > Application) for the machine you are attempting to run the process on.

Filter for Source=UiPath

And look for event logs that might indicate an issue with Nuget or networking, writing packages/files to disk.

NU1101: Unable to find package UiPath.ActiveDirectoryDomainServices.Activities. No packages exist with this id in source(s): https://********/nuget/v3/30648b77-********32/index.json, https://********/nuget/v3/55c80772-********52/index.json, https://********/nuget/v3/ae8dc079-********62/index.json, Local, nuget.org

NU1102: Unable to find package UiPath.System.Activities with version (= 21.10.2)
  - Found 3 version(s) in https://********/nuget/v3/55c80772-********52/index.json [ Nearest version: 20.10.4 ]
  - Found 2 version(s) in Local [ Nearest version: 20.10.4 ]
  - Found 0 version(s) in nuget.org
  - Found 0 version(s) in https://********/nuget/v3/30648b77-********32/index.json
  - Found 0 version(s) in https://********/nuget/v3/ae8dc079-********62/index.json

I simulated the above by removing all Nuget Feeds from the local robot configuration, but the process failed almost immediately without a valid feed to fetch from.

Given that it takes 20 minutes to time out I would wager that there is a Firewall/Network issue blocking the Robot from downloading the required packages if not all of them a portion of them and it’s just systematically going through the list and timing out for each package.

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Can you enable low level tracing and check the event viewer whether you are seeing a warning similar to “unable to load the service index for source https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json” ??


If you are using the offline or restrictive environment try to use this solution, to remove any unaccessible NuGet package feed.

I faced this issue before and this issue appear when your orchestrator has no access on internet to download packges so simply you can go to this destination (C:\Users\{robot user}\.nuget\packages) and add your updated project packages on this folder and you can find all your updated packages on your development machine on the same path.

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