Orchestrato Failed to install package




suddenly, the orchestrator failed to run process, with an exception “Execution error : System.Exception: Failed to install package”.
but it working well about 20 minutes ago. and the package works well in local

the studio I use is :

the orchestrator is:


Is your UiRobot Service running?


yes, it was running, and it fixed itself the next morning with I did nothing~

seems something wrong with the connection


Hai @Cynthia,

make sure your robot is running and connect with orchestrator.,



yes, it is running and the connection was showing “connected”.

seems something wrong with connecting the DNS or server…

because it fixed the next day, and I did nothing.


Hi guys,

I have the same issue and my robot is running and connected with orchestrator. Can anyone help solve this issue?


@Cynthia Did you get a resolution ???

I’m using 18.2.3 community and getting the error.

Easily recognizable, my Robot doesnt download even though i click the download button multiple times, and it remains still. Is there anyone else too whose facing the same issue



I found some more information here : Orchestrator CE Issue - Failed to install Package


Hi, I am facing the same problem. Any solutions?