Orchestrato Failed to install package


suddenly, the orchestrator failed to run process, with an exception “Execution error : System.Exception: Failed to install package”.
but it working well about 20 minutes ago. and the package works well in local

the studio I use is :

the orchestrator is:

Is your UiRobot Service running?

yes, it was running, and it fixed itself the next morning with I did nothing~

seems something wrong with the connection

Hai @Cynthia,

make sure your robot is running and connect with orchestrator.,


yes, it is running and the connection was showing “connected”.

seems something wrong with connecting the DNS or server…

because it fixed the next day, and I did nothing.

Hi guys,

I have the same issue and my robot is running and connected with orchestrator. Can anyone help solve this issue?

@Cynthia Did you get a resolution ???

I’m using 18.2.3 community and getting the error.

Easily recognizable, my Robot doesnt download even though i click the download button multiple times, and it remains still. Is there anyone else too whose facing the same issue


I found some more information here : Orchestrator CE Issue - Failed to install Package

Hi, I am facing the same problem. Any solutions?

I had a problem with starting a job from the Orchestrator, I couldn’t install a package of one of my projects neither from Orchestrator nor from UiPath Robot tray (An ExceptionDetail, likely created by IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults=true, whose value is: System.Exception: Failed to install package). I have UiPath Enterprise So, I tried to publish/ install other packages of other projects, they worked fine from Orchestrator. That single project worked well from UiPath Studio, but it failed all the time from Orchestrator due to installation problem. Having tried different things (deleting jobs,checking robot connection, and most of mentioned above things), I found a rather simple workaround. I just renamed the project in project.json and republished, and a job worked well from Orchestrator… Still do not understand what was the problem. The previous name was like Name-1, nothing in particular. Maybe, it will be of help for somebody else))

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I found a simple way to resolve this.
Click on UiPath Robot tray
then Click on Quit.
Then start the bot again.
It will resolve the error.

Quiting UiPath Robot did not manage to get my project running from Orchestrator. I retried it back again, simple Quit does not do anything. It is still impossible to install the package. But renaming definitely helped me at first place. But sure, if someone encounters such problem, try everything as described here above.

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By chance are you using tenants? Does your tenancy name have a space in it? If so, you may try renaming the tenant to remove the space. We had an issue where we could connect robots, but could not download packages from the orchestrator due to the error mentioned by the OP.

The inner exceptions indicated there were no packages by that name at the NuGet feed (the orchestrator). The URL for the nuget feed included the tenant name, which had a space. We renamed the tenant to remove the space and it resolved the issue.


My tenant name did not contain any spaces, but thanks anyway.
The problem was only with one package/project, and renaming the project name (in project.json) helped to install and run it smoothly. I consider this problem deprecated since it did not happen to me for more than 4 months developing other projects.

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I’m having the same issue.
did you manage to fix it?
I’m running 2019.4.4 version

when I published new package from UiPath to orchestrator. again I updated new package in process (In orchestrator). my job is faulted. only that process only faulted. with the error below.

Failed to install package ‘SampleTesting.1.0.137’.

I am not done any changes in UiPath or Orchestrator. I am using community Updated version.