Orchestrator Robot is disconnected tho UiPath says "Connected"

I’m not able to connect to Orchestrator. The Orchestrator Robot is disconnected tho UiPath says Connected.

My machines look like this:

The Machine key is correct and UiPath Robots is connected as you can see. When I try to publish now in UiPath Studio. I get this message:

UiPath Robot:

So why is the Robot in Orchestrator disconnected? I believe this is my real issue at all.

It will be due to the wrong username and password @kwoxer,

You need to give the username which is the one you will get when you run the command whoami in the command prompt and the password is your system password

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Sorry but which of the tools do you mean? In UiPath Studio? And which username password is meant?

Pls see here the machine name is different

make sure that the same machine is used before connecting
the machine name should be same as in your robot tray
while creating the machine in orchestrator so change it here

Cheers @kwoxer

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Thanks. That was it:

Publishing is now working in UiPath Studio as well.

All issues solved.

Cheers @kwoxer

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