Orchestrator Process Logout/Login

I’m receiving a “Desktop has been disconnected while performing Ui Actions” error message when running a process manually through orchestrator.

Running the same process/project manually via UiStudio works fine, but when I run it through orchestrator, it seems to have some difficulty with certain ui elements / procedures (click+hold+drag for example).

Is there any recommendations or uirobot configurations I can check to ensure that it will run from orchestrator the same way it does through uistudio??

09:39:32.8244 Error {“message”:“Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.:::::::::::::Exception In TAFS Portal Entry”,“level”:“Error”,“logType”:“User”,“timeStamp”:“2018-04-19T09:39:32.8244334-05:00”,“fingerprint”:“439e62df-f1dd-48fe-bba4-0f8738e185ae”,“windowsIdentity”:“TRANSAM\UIPATH”,“machineName”:“RPA1”,“processName”:“TAFS_IDC_Uploads_idc_test1”,“processVersion”:“1.0.6683.17245”,“fileName”:“TAFS”,“jobId”:“8b1ca5d3-f9fd-4df9-9341-3854d0fe0d9e”,“robotName”:“RPA1”}

The forum has a couple of related posts already. You could leverage the search feature to look for similar solutions. Here are a few links to the related posts:

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Thanks PD2 ,
that will do for now.

I’ll post a .reg later for others, but ultimately, I would add these registry entries to the product documentation depending on the use-case scenarios … Thank you again.