Orchestrator Modern folders, why are they limited to Attended and Studio licenses?


We are trying to structure our folders for a larger deployment and was very grateful for the Modern folders where it is possible to use subfolders for departments processes and assets. But as it turns out the entire function is useless to us as we have both Attended and Unattended robots in the department that we want to structure with folders.

  • Does anyone know and can explain why there is a limitation of using Unattended robots with Modern folders?
  • Is there a plan for adding Unattended robots to Modern Folders (question for UiPath staff)?
  • Is there anyone out there with a smart idea for creating a structure similar to this: “Level 1 Department - Level 2 multiple sub departments - Level 3 multiple separate processes (in folders)” with AD controlled access in Orchestrator?

Hi Daniel,

When the Folder structure was introduced I thought that it will give additional control over the structure we can create. I am very dissapointed as you are to figure out that it works only for the modern folders and only for attended robots.

Maybe they will introduce this in the next release.

Thank you

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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Yes. For unattended work is in progress and it will be delivered in 18.4


Hi, good news. But you mention 18.4, do you mean 20.4 as we are using 19.10 now?

yes, sorry, 20.4 :slight_smile:


According to the documentation here https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/v2020.4/docs/using-modern-folders the unattended bots will still have to remain in Classic folders. Is it because it is “beta documentation” or has the plan of adding Unattended robots to Modern Folders been postponed/cancelled?

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Unattended is out too:

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